Black Bikes


I have been providing cycle maintenance and servicing for 10 years and am happy to work on most bikes. Apart from the occassional pre-owned bicycle I do not selll bikes.
I will refuse to work on a bike if it is too dirty or unfit to ride where the owner does not make provision for me to make it safe to ride.
The Black Bikes workshop is kitted out for most service requirements including hydraulic brake bleed however I do not currently service suspension systems, I can uninstall and re-install units for you to be sent to an appropriate tuning workshop.
I am Cytech certified and Bosch licensed and can carry out diagnostic service on Bosch motors.
Please call or text07873126093 to make sure I can take your bike in.


Wheel building is charged at £45 per wheel plus components. I will build wheels from components provided by clients however I will provide spokes and in the case of rebuilds will not reuse spokes except in exceptional circumstances.
In many cases I would recommend DT Swiss rims and spokes for strong builds and easy tubeless set up where required.
Allow up to 14 days for custom wheel builds. Call or text 07873126093 to discuss your requirements.

Workshop Price Guide

Price Guide - Basic Service types - September 2022 onwards
This is a guide to prices, in general once I have seen a bike I can give you a better idea of costs. There are numerous types of bikes and parts and it is not always straightforward to price a bike unseen.
Basic Service (non-hydraulic) £38 + Parts - This is a general safety check and adjustment of the bike, tune up of gears and non-hydraulic brakes de-grease of the chain and re-lube. As with all services if anything is found that will involve extra work and or parts you will be informed prior to any further cost being incurred.
Basic Service (Hydraulic) £70 + parts. As the non-hydraulic tune and lube but includes bleeding both brakes.
Full Service - From £175 (£200 for hydraulic) + parts. This service is a full strip down clean and reassemble and replacement of parts as required, cables included.
Single Cable replacement - from £25 inner and outer cable replaced, internally routed cabling from £30. Please be aware that handlebar tape may need to be replaced if changing cables.
Gear Tune up - from £20
Brake bleed (Including disc clean) - from £25 per brake plus pads.
Inner Tube replacement - from £16. Specialist tubes will be charged accordingly. Enclosed chain cases and hub gear and or roller brake systems will incur an additional charge of £5
General charges
Workshop minimum charge is £10 and general workshop rate is £45 per hour excluding parts.
Bicycles not collected as agreed will be charged at £5 per day for storage. Any bicycle not collected within 30 days may be disposed of to cover costs.
Please pre-book before dropping your bike off. I try to get your bike in and out as soon as possible. To book a service please call or message 07873126093