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Monday and Tuesday 24th and 25th July 2017
There will be no staff in until 1pm. If you want to book bikes in for service please call 01323 730 535 and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Many thanks.
Workshop Service Charges July 2017

As from July 1st 2017 I am putting workshop basic charges up. After four and a half years at the same rate it impossible to realistically operate in the current climate particularly as retail moves from the high street to the internet.

Basic servicing will go up by £5

Hourly rate rises to £45

The minimum charge remains at £10

Call 01323 730 535 to book your bike in.

Workshop Hours 2017

Drop off and pick from 10am to 7pm Tuesday to Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturdays.

Workshop open 1pm - 7pm Monday to Friday.


We provide bicycle repair, parts fitting and maintenance. We are CyTech qualified and we are also Bosch Approved and can provide diagnostic service on your Bosch motors, order replacement batteries or motors.

We aim to get your bikes back to you as quickly as possible. Please make sure you book prior to bringing your bicycle to the shop, we will not take in bikes that have not been pre-booked.

Puncture repairs start from £15, servicing starts at £30 plus parts and our hourly rate is £45 and minimum rate is £10. Call or email for an estimate of work. When bikes are delivered we will give you a clearer estimate of cost and we will also contact you before carrying out any work required outside of the estimate.

Bikes must be picked up when agreed or we will charge £5 per day storage. We reserve the right to not work on bikes we consider to be unfit for purpose or not fit to work on. Please make sure any bikes brought in are in a state of reasonable cleanliness.

Second Hand or Hire Bikes
We don't buy or sell second hand bikes, nor run any hire bikes. If you are interested in second hand or hire bikes get in touch with Steve at Let's Bike Eastbourne.
The shop is right next to Eastbourne Station and the Enterprise Centre.
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